Loving God as God is

Those who walk with God come in many different packages, many character types, many different faiths. But they all have two things in common: a sincere/guileness love of God, and a trusting/cooperative spirit. Those things allow them to love God uninhibitedly, as God would have it be. And that Great Love is NOT beyond any of us -- we all have it inside us.

To love God truly, sincerely, and without guile, one must love God AS GOD IS. There are three parts to loving God as God Is:


Accepting God's love of you AS YOU ARE. God IS your loving parent -- and your number one fan. God really and truly loves you just as you are. And God accepts you as beautiful and perfect just as God made you.


Loving God WHEREVER God is. Where is God? God is everywhere. God is indeed the Resident, the Indweller, the "I" of each one of us. But God is not JUST within, in the sense of an essence HIDDEN INSIDE, at the secret inmost core of things. God is actually on the surface as well as in the depths; God is EVERYWHERE -- outside AND inside. God is every part and particle of existence. Thus, we'd do better to think of God as the All of All. That's ESSENTIAL for loving God as God is, in all.

If you love someone, you don't just love them in one particular outfit, do you? No, you love them no matter what they wear. We ARE God's outfits, all of us. God is truly the All of all. God IS other people -- ALL other people. Thus, to love God wherever God appears is to love God in everyone. If we "other" them, we other God. "Whatsoever ye do unto the least of these, ye do also unto me." That person IS God, get it? The relationship to God is involved in the attitude we take towards each and everyone.


Loving God WHENEVER God is here. When is God here? Always. God is EVERPRESENT as well as OMNIPRESENT. Therefore, to love God when God's around is to love God always -- AT ALL TIMES. God's keeping God's end of the bargain: God's always already with us. It's our responsibility to keep our part of the bargain: to be constantly present with God.

After all, true love IS constant. It's like this: if you truly love someone, you don't just love them on the weekends, you love them all week long. Just so, our love of God needs to flow not just in prayer, but always.

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