Let Her Speak

Both in society at large, and within each individual, it has been the plight of the female all throughout history to be pushed to the back and not encouraged or even allowed to speak for herself.

Often in group situations, a masculine individual—someone who's coming from a more rational perspective—will see the arising of an emotional response in a person coming from a more feminine place, and he will take it upon himself to explain to others, and even to the person herself, what she is feeling. "I know what she's feeling. This is what she's feeling." He becomes her spokesperson in that moment.

That same dynamic of male expression of the feminine position takes place within a given individual. The male part of oneself tries to speak for the female part of oneself, in order to give voice to this part that is apparently less capable of speaking for itself. We all have a tendency to override our own emotional responses with the masculine explanation of those feelings, even to the point of letting "him" speak for "her," about her, to others. And yet if she does not speak for herself, how's she going to gain in authenticity and clarity? If she is always spoken for it only weakens her. If the female cannot express herself, her emotional nature will atrophy while the intellect grows.

It is not enough for the person to recognize the existence of the feminine in themselves without being it. Let the emotions speak for themselves! There is no way that through the mind-logic system emotion can express itself. That's like saying, "Explain the Twist, the Foxtrot, or the Tango." A masculine explanation of a dance is not fundamentally equivalent to the feminine experience of movement. To be represented by a time capsule, by a magnetic tape—or by a man—is woefully insufficient for a woman. It's far less than adequately expressive. Ideas do not account for tears, or joy, or feelings. Feelings account for feelings, joy accounts for joy, tears account for tears.

The intellect must not speak for the emotions. If I am not permitting my emotional nature to have intercourse with the outer world, I am creating the inevitable neurosis of a self who is not being allowed to express itself. The feeler needs to speak for herself in order to be healed and move ahead. Everything must be aired. Everything must be public. Everything must be allowed.

So if you love the woman, let her express herself. If you wish her to be socialized, to be normalized, to be brought into society as a fully responsible, expressive, communicative member, with full status and equal rights, then she should be allowed to express herself whenever she feels like it. And if, due to all of this suppression, she has become neurotic or shy, and has gained the impression that she is a negative being and therefore should not be allowed to speak, then she should be encouraged to feel and speak.

The authentic and genuine female can speak very well for herself. Eloquently! Emotions can speak eloquently for themselves. And that's the secret of evolution, in terms of the integration of the female and male aspects within oneself.

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