More about physical interaction...

A lot of people have plenty of physical contact. Most couples, for example. Or two opposing boxers. But obviously, just because two people have physical contact doesn't mean they get along. The boxers almost surely dislike each other. The couple might get along, but then again, they may not.

Clearly, people who rely highly on physical contact will not necessarily be found to have a good relationship, or a better relationship, just because physical contact has occurred. Just as likely, the results of physical proximity without emotional closeness will leave them dissatisfied. And they will only continue to demand, with even greater insistence, that everything be configured in the physical realm so as to symbolically represent the closeness they need to feel in their hearts, in their souls, in their minds, and in their BEINGS.

Imagine a disgruntled wife complaining, "Why don't you go out with me? You won't take me to the movies! Why don't you want to be with me?" In her desperation for physical concessions, she does not realize that a good relationship is not CAUSED by being together -- a good relationship is created with good thoughts and a favorable psychic orientation overall. Needless to say, her husband doesn't want to be with her because her relationship to him is NEGATIVE. And that means, MENTALLY negative.

According to the mythology of it all, symbolic physical manifestations are supposed to eradicate doubt, and even end the TENDENCY to doubt. But what those arrangements REALLY do is quite the opposite: they PERPETUATE the tendency to doubt by attempting to displace onto outward circumstances responsibilities which are truly inner responsibilities, and will always REMAIN inner responsibilities. True and lasting happiness cannot possibly result from the rejection of the etheric reality of relationship, or from tiny temporary triumphs when delusional demands and expectations for symbolic configurations of any kind are met.